Bubble and Squeak – Traditional English dish

My mom and I decided to start some travel food posts Many years ago my mother traveled around Europe and loved it. We both have a love for food and for traveling and because I love to cook my mom is always encouraging me to try and create new dishes or to try dishes I have not made or had before.While the first few dishes are going to be simple and easy one’s because my mom had a very limited budget but always we needed to look at what was on special. We were able to get 7kgs of potato for really cheap at the pick n pay which is our local supermarket.

The first country we decided to start with is England.This country is very dear to us as we have lots of family there some of which we have not met yet and some we have.

So welcome today to our first travel food blog. When my mom went to England she was eighteen years old and she went with her older sister. They were blessed with a trip oversees by my grandfather as they had not had an opportunity to travel as much as there brothers had. They decided to do a contiki tour which started in London and ended in Athens. At the time my mom was Three months pregnant with me.They spent about a month traveling.

We have decided to do the following dishes because they are traditional dishes in England.

Bubble and Squeak

Fish and Chips

Bangers and Mash

A pie dish

Bread and butter pudding

Yorkshire pudding

Malva pudding

The dish we decided to do first is Bubble and Squeak. It is traditionally a leftovers dish were you can just throw all remaining cooked vegetables from a roast together. This bubble and squeak you can make from scratch.The main ingredients in bubble and squeak are potatoes and cabbage but you can add any other vegetable

Bubble and Squeak Recipe


500g chopped and peeled potatoes



Vegetable oil

Chopped vegetables

Two tablespoons butter


Cook the potatoes in boiling water until soft. Once it is done put it in the mixing bowl with the butter, cabbage, vegetables  and cheese then mash until smooth. Once mashed shape them in flat circles until all are finished. Heat oil in a frying pan and add as many as much bubble and squeek as you can. Then turn every five minutes until golden brown. Once done serve as a side dish.

Our Family Braai

Us South Africans we love to braai and we braai any chance that we get. We braai on public holidays, days off, weekends, if there is no power. You name it we will braai and we don’t really need an excuse to do it. It is a great way to socialise or spend time with family. I also find it very relaxing. 

Yesterday was my moms day off work. We woke up fairly late, discussed what food we were going to cook this week and what we were going to do the whole day. We went to the shops with my landlords 3 year old grandson and his mom. I spent the time at the shops on WiFi downloading videos while my mom and the others went and bought groceries for a change we got home from the shops early.This never happens as my mother loves to abuse the WiFi at the shops.

My mom, my landlords grandson and I then braaied. I then started an awesome braai. I braaied boerewors that my mom bought with cheese and then I made Roast vegetables.

Ruby Roast Vegetables


Sweet Potato



Red Onion

Mild Chilli Spice

Chop up all the veg and add mild chilli spice. Put it in tin foil with a little bit of oil and either put it in an oven or on a braai or you can put it in a pot like we did because we had no tin foil and put the pot on the braai.

It was an awesome end to an amazing day.


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Macaroni and cheese

So this week I decided to make my most favorite dish in the world and the result was once again amazing


250g veg 


500g mince



Cook the macaroni as per instructions on the packet.While the macaroni is cooking. brown the mince and add the veg with the mince. Once mince,veg  and macaroni is done. pour both into a casserole dish and cover with cheese and put in a preheated oven and bake for half an hour. Once done serve hot.

Avo and Cheese Toastie Recipe

So we have had a rather hectic last couple of weeks.My mom got flu again and had to go to the doctor to be put on Antibiotics.She got better and then we think she had food poisoning boy was she not well. We had decided to try out a new restaurant at woolworths called the woolworths cafe and she was sick that night.

We also finally managed to get my SASSA grant approved after trying for a year and a half. I was accepted into hospitality college and then to our surprise offered a full scholarship. I am on my way to becoming a chef.Then to top it all of my best friends Dad suddenly passed away so i spent a few days being a really good friend.

Avo and cheese toastie


 avocado cut into pieces 

Grated cheese

Two slices of bread

Butter bread and put avo and cheese on top of the slice and cover with the other slice and toast. Once toasted serve hot.

Throwback Foodie

So we decided to do a Throwback Foodie post at least once a week we wanted to do it yesterday but forgot.

Throwback foods, is a way for us to share with you. our most favorite food memories from growing up.

One of our most favorite Throwback Foods is Macaroni and Cheese. We love it and i think mosr people had it while growing up.

My mom and I have lots of awesome memories about our favorite foods and family traditions while growing up.

One of the family Traditions my mom remembers when gemrowing up was going to an Ice Cream place in the CBD of Durban and getting Ice Cream after dinner her father would load all five kids in the car to get Ice Cream at a place called Via Flaminia and she would always get the bubblegum flavored Ice Cream.She loved it until the one day the Ice Cream was really bad and she got sick and never had Bubblegum Flavor again.She has many foodie memories that we will share over the next few weeks.

Her Dad was always taking them out for pudding.

I remember my mom would every now and then do a Harry Potter night with me.I am Harry Potter fan I have all the movies and books. My mom would buy the Harry Potter sweets for me. She would spoil me with Hot chips, popcorn and Harry Potter Sweets. We would sit and watch Harry Potter movies till we fell asleep.

Macaroni and Cheese

Please note this is not our picture


Cheese sauce  (we buy already made cheese sauce cause I am still learning how to make)                  


Mixed Veg



Cook the macaroni in boiling water for about ten minutes. while the macaroni is cooking get the veg and cheese sauce and put it in an oven proof dish, grate the cheese. Once macaroni is cooked add it to the Mixed veg and cheese sauce. Cover it with the grated cheese and cook until golden brown.

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On Wednesday we went to Rosebank to try to do some shopping and Miss Bossy decided to take me to lunch. Our favorite place to go and eat at is Rocomama’s normally when we go there  it is awesome and the food is incredible we always order the same food Miss Bossy gets the mushroom whizz (A hamburger witha beef patty, Cheese and Mushroom sauce and onions) and I always get The Bacon and Cheese Gaucomole (of has a beef patty,cheese, guacamole and onions) and we get a Medium Cheesy Chips ( French Fries with Cheese sauce on) but this time who knows what happened it was a real let down from what I usually get the Hamburger was not medium rare and was very undercooked and some of my chips were raw and the bun at the bottom of the burger was so thin it was soggy.

I for whatever reason decided to eat it and when Miss Bossy asked how my Burger was i told her how bad it had been.

On top of it all our waiter was useless. He ignored us most of the time, dishes sat on our table and glasses and empty cans were left there too.When Miss Bossy and I wanted Water he was too busy flirting with his female colleague and when Miss Bossy wanted to pay it took more than ten minutes to get his attention as he was busy with a regular walk in. He had also not bothered to tell his manager about our complaint about their food.

I thought Miss Bossy was about to start another World War as she hates poor customer service.When she confronted him for standing around and ignoring us his only table. He tried to tell her she was lying and he was not dealing with walk ins. Oh boy big mistake.Let’s just say he ran and got the manager as fast as he could. The manager was amazing and handled everything professionally. He apologized and thanked us for letting him know so that he can fix the food.He also would not let us pay which Miss Bossy tried to argue it. Which is a first because she loves getting things for free. 

In a country where jobs are scarce people need to appreciate their jobs and do them to the best of their abilities sadly companies and restaurants are only as good as their staff. Miss Bossy always says if you don’t want your job then give it to someone who does.

Our plan was to go to Rocomama’s have lunch and do our first review. We will still definitely go back as we know this is not the experience we have had each time we have gone there. We would still definitely recommend people go there.

We are not being paid to do this review in fact they Dont even know we were doing it.

These pics are of the Mushroom whizz and Cheesy Chips

Easy Meal

So yesterday Miss Bossy and I had a buisy day.We got up early and had to go to the clinic as Miss Bossy is sick and boy is she is grumpy when she is sick. We then went to the mall to buy some food and to use the free Wi Fi. We are now Woolies favorite customers due to their free two hour WiFi.We downloaded as many YouTube videos that we could and uploaded our first Blog. Miss Bossy took me for lunch at Wimpy where I had my favorite waffle with bar one sauce and ice cream and Miss Bossy had a Mince and Cheese Baguette with Chips. We then went to Food Lovers and made use if their specials we got two Spaghetti for R25 and fruit for R39. I am planning on making a nice fruit salad next week. Will post the recipe. When we got home we were both so tired and so I made Miss Bossy and I some Toasted Sandwiches.

Mushrooms and Cheese Toasted Sandwiches




Tomato sauce (optional)



Grate the cheese  onto the buttered bread. add mushrooms and tomato sauce and cover with another slice of bread. then put in a sandwich Maker and toast for the required time.

It was really delicious and really easy to make.

If ever you are tired and want an easy meal to make try this. If you want more recipes like this e-mailed direct to you please follow this blog. We have also posted our first Vlog on YouTube under one mom and her son our first vlog. Please also check out our other new Blog called The Hardships of life.

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