Mince, Rice and Veg Recipe ( Easy Recipe).

Yesterday we celebrated 3 years on WordPress and 3 years of blogging below is one of the first recipes we ever blogged.

Today’s dinner is just  a simple one. I am making the Mince, Rice and Veg.


500g Mince ( we are using Soya Mince).
1 Knorr dry Cook in Spaghetti sauce


1. Cook rice according to instructions.
2. Cook Mince and add the sauce
3. Cook veg
4. Combine all ingredients



Bubble and Squeak – Traditional English dish

My mom and I decided to start some travel food posts Many years ago my mother traveled around Europe and loved it. We both have a love for food and for traveling and because I love to cook my mom is always encouraging me to try and create new dishes or to try dishes I have not made or had before.While the first few dishes are going to be simple and easy one’s because my mom had a very limited budget but always we needed to look at what was on special. We were able to get 7kgs of potato for really cheap at the pick n pay which is our local supermarket.

The first country we decided to start with is England.This country is very dear to us as we have lots of family there some of which we have not met yet and some we have.

So welcome today to our first travel food blog. When my mom went to England she was eighteen years old and she went with her older sister. They were blessed with a trip oversees by my grandfather as they had not had an opportunity to travel as much as there brothers had. They decided to do a contiki tour which started in London and ended in Athens. At the time my mom was Three months pregnant with me.They spent about a month traveling.

We have decided to do the following dishes because they are traditional dishes in England.

Bubble and Squeak

Fish and Chips

Bangers and Mash

A pie dish

Bread and butter pudding

Yorkshire pudding

Malva pudding

The dish we decided to do first is Bubble and Squeak. It is traditionally a leftovers dish were you can just throw all remaining cooked vegetables from a roast together. This bubble and squeak you can make from scratch.The main ingredients in bubble and squeak are potatoes and cabbage but you can add any other vegetable

Bubble and Squeak Recipe


500g chopped and peeled potatoes



Vegetable oil

Chopped vegetables

Two tablespoons butter


Cook the potatoes in boiling water until soft. Once it is done put it in the mixing bowl with the butter, cabbage, vegetables  and cheese then mash until smooth. Once mashed shape them in flat circles until all are finished. Heat oil in a frying pan and add as many as much bubble and squeek as you can. Then turn every five minutes until golden brown. Once done serve as a side dish.

Cheesy chicken lasagna

This is a awesome recipe I came up with when I was craving lasagna

Chicken breasts skinned x2
Lasagna sheets
250g veg


Defrost chicken and chop it up
Then place lasagna sheets in a baking dish
Add a layer of chicken
place another layer of lasagna sheets
Add a layer of the defrosted Veg
Repeat until the dish is full
Add the layer of cheese and bake for 20 minutes