Our Favorite YouTube Cooking Video of the Week-Gordon Ramsay The Ultimate Steak Sandwich

We are big fans of Gordon Ramsay and love to watch him and his daughter Tilly Ramsay on T.V and on YouTube. I saw this video he did some years back of The Ultimate Steak Sandwich and thought I would share it as my favorite YouTube Cooking Video of the week. we hope you enjoy it.


The Most Incredible Chicken you have ever tasted

Miss Bossy and I buy a lot of products using the Unilever specials. Unilever is a holding company and they have a website (www.wuhu.co.za) with specials here in South Africa where you can get a code that you use at the shops to buy their products. We often buy a product called Rajah Spice. Miss Bossy and I like to buy it and she challenges me to come up with a recipe of my own.

This is what I recently came up with.

Easy Spicy Chicken with Cheese Sauce Recipe

4 x Chicken Breasts

Tomato  Sauce

Cheese ( Grated)

1tsp Rajah Mild Curry Spice


Heat the Tomato Sauce in a pan and melt Cheese. Once Cheese is melted put in the Chicken and Rajah Spice and fry for about ten minutes and serve.

Additional: You can have it on a Roll, with rice, with Mashed Potato or Vegetables.

Verdict: The recipe is easy and simple to make.It is a quick dish and it tastes out of this world. The Rajah Mild Curry Spice gives it that little bit Oomph that it needs and you can make this dish when you are tired and not really wanting to cook but still wanting something tasty and Healthy.


Our Family Braai

Us South Africans we love to braai and we braai any chance that we get. We braai on public holidays, days off, weekends, if there is no power. You name it we will braai and we don’t really need an excuse to do it. It is a great way to socialise or spend time with family. I also find it very relaxing. 

Yesterday was my moms day off work. We woke up fairly late, discussed what food we were going to cook this week and what we were going to do the whole day. We went to the shops with my landlords 3 year old grandson and his mom. I spent the time at the shops on WiFi downloading videos while my mom and the others went and bought groceries for a change we got home from the shops early.This never happens as my mother loves to abuse the WiFi at the shops.

My mom, my landlords grandson and I then braaied. I then started an awesome braai. I braaied boerewors that my mom bought with cheese and then I made Roast vegetables.

Ruby Roast Vegetables


Sweet Potato



Red Onion

Mild Chilli Spice

Chop up all the veg and add mild chilli spice. Put it in tin foil with a little bit of oil and either put it in an oven or on a braai or you can put it in a pot like we did because we had no tin foil and put the pot on the braai.

It was an awesome end to an amazing day.


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Macaroni and cheese

So this week I decided to make my most favorite dish in the world and the result was once again amazing


250g veg 


500g mince



Cook the macaroni as per instructions on the packet.While the macaroni is cooking. brown the mince and add the veg with the mince. Once mince,veg  and macaroni is done. pour both into a casserole dish and cover with cheese and put in a preheated oven and bake for half an hour. Once done serve hot.

Avo and Cheese Toastie Recipe

So we have had a rather hectic last couple of weeks.My mom got flu again and had to go to the doctor to be put on Antibiotics.She got better and then we think she had food poisoning boy was she not well. We had decided to try out a new restaurant at woolworths called the woolworths cafe and she was sick that night.

We also finally managed to get my SASSA grant approved after trying for a year and a half. I was accepted into hospitality college and then to our surprise offered a full scholarship. I am on my way to becoming a chef.Then to top it all of my best friends Dad suddenly passed away so i spent a few days being a really good friend.

Avo and cheese toastie


 avocado cut into pieces 

Grated cheese

Two slices of bread

Butter bread and put avo and cheese on top of the slice and cover with the other slice and toast. Once toasted serve hot.

Creamed Spinach and Chips on Bread

Today we went shopping for food at Norwood Mall and to use the free WiFi.We had planned to go to the SASSA offices but we overslept. So I am going tomorrow when Miss Bossy is back at work tomorrow she works six days a week with Wednesday being her off day.

So we decided to go to Norwood Mall instead but before we went we did a bit of blogging planning and specials planning. Miss Bossy likes to go onto Unilever Mobile Deals.

We were able to get a deal where if you buy 3kg Sunlight washing powder you get 400mg free data. We often get great savings from this sight.

I made a simple dinner tonight 

Creamed Spinach and chips on rolls.

Already made creamed spinach 


Hot chips


Cook the Spinach, cook the chips mix them and put them in the roll.

Since we having the Spinach Miss Bossy has not been having leg cramps.She used to wake up in the middle of the night screaming in pain.

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