Our first Braai

So on Wednesday I decided to buy a braai.It was very spur of the moment but we often have power outages and so it will help. I bought boerewors and my son braaied it and added cheese on top to make it like a cheese griller.


Avo and Cheese Toastie Recipe

So we have had a rather hectic last couple of weeks.My mom got flu again and had to go to the doctor to be put on Antibiotics.She got better and then we think she had food poisoning boy was she not well. We had decided to try out a new restaurant at woolworths called the woolworths cafe and she was sick that night.

We also finally managed to get my SASSA grant approved after trying for a year and a half. I was accepted into hospitality college and then to our surprise offered a full scholarship. I am on my way to becoming a chef.Then to top it all of my best friends Dad suddenly passed away so i spent a few days being a really good friend.

Avo and cheese toastie


 avocado cut into pieces 

Grated cheese

Two slices of bread

Butter bread and put avo and cheese on top of the slice and cover with the other slice and toast. Once toasted serve hot.

Easy Meal

So yesterday Miss Bossy and I had a buisy day.We got up early and had to go to the clinic as Miss Bossy is sick and boy is she is grumpy when she is sick. We then went to the mall to buy some food and to use the free Wi Fi. We are now Woolies favorite customers due to their free two hour WiFi.We downloaded as many YouTube videos that we could and uploaded our first Blog. Miss Bossy took me for lunch at Wimpy where I had my favorite waffle with bar one sauce and ice cream and Miss Bossy had a Mince and Cheese Baguette with Chips. We then went to Food Lovers and made use if their specials we got two Spaghetti for R25 and fruit for R39. I am planning on making a nice fruit salad next week. Will post the recipe. When we got home we were both so tired and so I made Miss Bossy and I some Toasted Sandwiches.

Mushrooms and Cheese Toasted Sandwiches




Tomato sauce (optional)



Grate the cheese  onto the buttered bread. add mushrooms and tomato sauce and cover with another slice of bread. then put in a sandwich Maker and toast for the required time.

It was really delicious and really easy to make.

If ever you are tired and want an easy meal to make try this. If you want more recipes like this e-mailed direct to you please follow this blog. We have also posted our first Vlog on YouTube under one mom and her son our first vlog. Please also check out our other new Blog called The Hardships of life.

Please feel free to comment and make suggestions. Till next time.

The dish that will take you to heaven 

My mom came up with this dish after trying my Avocado and Cheese Recipe. We really can’t get enough. 

Avocado, Cheese and Egg Recipe


1 Avocado

4 eggs



Cut the Avocado into half then spoon it into a pan 

Scramble the eggs In the same pan once the avocado is halfway done then add the cheese and let it melt once done serve it with toast or anything that you prefer 

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Avo and cheese sandwich 

I came up with this dish when all I had was an Avo and some cheese to eat. I was not going to put it on here until I tried it on my mom and she fell in love with it and let’s just say we have had it the last three days.

Avocado and Cheese Recipe 


1x Avocado


Two tablespoons butter 

Cut up the avocado  into half and spoon the insides of the avocado into the pan then add the cheese and butter then Cook for ten minutes then put it in the sandwich 

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butterbean korma 

This is another amazing recipe from Angela day 

2 cans butterbeans drained 

250 gram’s butter melted 

250 ml cream 

150 g cheese 

250 ml Vegetable stock 

 1 can Coconut milk 

Fry the butterbeans In a pan with the cream and vegetable stock

Add grated cheese once the stock has dissolved then add the coconut milk until cheese has melted and the Milk has dissolved 

Serve with Rice or veg

Amazing toasted sandwich 

This is a  amazing recipe that we came up with this week 

1 cup of McCain slap chips 

150 g  grated cheese 


Cheese sauce 
Cook chips in oven until crispy 

While chips are cooking butter the bread and put cheese on opposite the buttered side and then put cheese sauce and chips with the cheese then top with a slice of bread and toast in a toaster