Gordon Ramsay’s Eggs baked in Hashbrowns.

One of the things my mom and I love to do is to follow chefs on YouTube and one of our favorite chefs to watch is Gordon Ramsay. We watch all his YouTube shows as we think he is an inspiration and very entertaining. He posted the video two days ago which has since gone viral and we thought we would share it with you. 

We will be sharing with you on a more regular basis the videos we love to watch.


Restaurant Wars

Welcome to our first restaurant wars Vlog. We choose to go to a place called Panarotti’s and have our favorite pizzas mine is always Chicken and Mayo and My mom’s is always Regina.

Food Verdict: Both of us agree the pizzas were awesome they were just the right amount of Crispiness and Cheesiness. Also they have great specials everyday. The waffle we had was nice, sweet and Chocolatey. The service was very good from the waiters to the manager.

Check out the vlog below

How to Save Part One

With me being a single mom I have had to try to come up with great ways to save and one of the ways I do this is through a bank called Capitec now before i tell you how i save through them let me tell you they are in no way sponsoring this post and they are not even aware i am posting this.

When i decided to try and start saving i did a bit of research between the major banks in South Africa to see which one had the highest annual interest rate and Capitec was the winner so i opened up a Global One account for me and my son. With this account you can have one main account and 3 or 4 separate accounts atrached to it which you can give different names. I named mine the following Birthdays, Christmas, Clothing Trist, Clothing Mom, Transport, Trist Savings, House and i budgeted to put in a certain amount into each account every month.

So that by the time christmas came around i had money saved to buy christmas presents without having to use my salary or my bonus. If it was someone’s birthday then I had money to buy them a present. If my son or I needed clothes then I already had the money to buy it and did not need to wait.

Saving this way has helped me as a single mom time and time again.

It is best to do your own research and see which are the best banks in your area or country and to try and do something like this you never know when you might need it.

Miss Bossy

3 Micro-Actions to work smarter this season

The second half of this year is about to kick into high gear!.

Have you ever thought about how you are going to start the second

Part if the year. Here in South Africa it is Spring.I have thought a bit about how I want to spend spring. I want to blog more, vlog more, put more posts on Steemit, Twitter and get started on pinterest and instagram. We want to do lots of fun things. Have you thought his you are going to spend the next season where you are living?.

We are already 8 days into spring and I have already improved.

If you set the proper tone now, the next few months will go by much more smoothly!.

Try these top-3 micro-action tips for your most productive season yet:.

  1. Define a ‘don’t do’

As our responsibilities expand at work and in life, we tend to keep adding tasks and projects to our to do list. But know this: what you don’t do is as important as what you do.

Try this: decide on one thing you will NOT spend time or energy on right now. It may be a meeting you won’t attend , a project you de-prioritize, or a relationship you wont invest time in.

Define a ‘don’t do’ – then focus like a demon on what you will do.

2. Book focus time

Our society idealizes multi tasking. But a recent study shows that the modern worker spends about 60% of her time browsing and on e-mail, leaving little time for focused work. Highly productive individuals from J.K.Rowling to Bill Gates credit productivity and high output to periods of focused work or deep work.

Try this: for the next week, book in a few 2-3 hour slots for focused work. Don’t let meetings, emails or interruptions happen – focus on just one thing.

3. Your energy restoring activity

When you have energy it’s much easier to tackle lifes stressors. Yet when life gets busy we often deprioritize our energy restoring actibities – just when we need them most.

Try this:  Define one activity that gives you energy .

It can be anything you can try an hour reading, gardening, walking, running, sports. Find that one thing and book time into your calendar right now.

Your future will thank you.

Week Action – Make a small Resolution

We normally make resolutions at the beginning of the year and never stick to them. My mom and I have given up on doing Resolutions at the beginning of the year but we thought we can make a small exercise resolution.

This week do yourself and your health or body a favor and make a small exercise resolution.

When it comes to Resolutions especially ones to do with exercise we often make the goal too big, like ” Go to Gym everyday”, or “run a marathon”. Then when we have a small slip up we feel like we have failed and we give up so easily.

Even if your goal is not too get fit still make a small resolution to do a little bit of extra movement each day. If you do it now it would be 18 times weekly and 126 times daily until the end of the year.
Here are a few easy and popular ones:.

-Always take the stairs where possible

– Stand up at work

– Always stretch before you go to sleep

– Use your car less and walk more

-At the shops park your car far from the entrance.

– Walk on the spot when ads come on, on T.V

We plan to walk more and at the same time take pictures for our blog.

What Small Resolutions could you do to add some movement to your day, most days?.

Comment below we would love to hear what you are doing as your small movement resolution.

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What’s hot and happening on onemomandherson

We have been working on some new things for everyone. I am going to be making bread, a recipe with meatballs and in the next few weeks my new recipe which will be revealed nearer to the time. We also will be releasing our first restaurant wars post and video.  We have two new music vlogs that will be coming out and many other videos. We are looking at putting together a photography video, some new photography pictures etc. 

We also have a book review coming up of an excellent book, product reviews and so much. 

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I will be posting the ingredients that will be needed for the recipes soon. 


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The Most Incredible Chicken you have ever tasted

Miss Bossy and I buy a lot of products using the Unilever specials. Unilever is a holding company and they have a website (www.wuhu.co.za) with specials here in South Africa where you can get a code that you use at the shops to buy their products. We often buy a product called Rajah Spice. Miss Bossy and I like to buy it and she challenges me to come up with a recipe of my own.

This is what I recently came up with.

Easy Spicy Chicken with Cheese Sauce Recipe

4 x Chicken Breasts

Tomato  Sauce

Cheese ( Grated)

1tsp Rajah Mild Curry Spice


Heat the Tomato Sauce in a pan and melt Cheese. Once Cheese is melted put in the Chicken and Rajah Spice and fry for about ten minutes and serve.

Additional: You can have it on a Roll, with rice, with Mashed Potato or Vegetables.

Verdict: The recipe is easy and simple to make.It is a quick dish and it tastes out of this world. The Rajah Mild Curry Spice gives it that little bit Oomph that it needs and you can make this dish when you are tired and not really wanting to cook but still wanting something tasty and Healthy.