​If you could do anything and you new you were not going to fail what would you do?.

I teach English online and this question was in one of my lessons and it got me thinking. Then we were given a challenge by daily post to write an article on triumph.

What would I do if I could do anything and not fail but triumph?. The sky’s the limit. Would I start that business that I have wanted to start. Would I be brave enough to maybe jump out of a plane. What would I do?. What would you do?. Would I quit my job and just travel?. 

I think I would feel brave enough to do anything because all I could do is Triumph and succeed.  I could maybe be a singer. Who knows maybe I would be the next Whitney Houston.

What would I achieve?. What have I been able to achieve in my life?. Triumph means victory and achievment and to be successful. 

If I look back on my life what have I achieved. Well I have managed to raise an amazing son all on my own. I would say thus is my biggest achievement, greatest success and triumph. It was not easy as my son is mild mentally disabled but if you spoke to him you would never know it.He is also dyslexic and ADD but he can read a 1000 page book in just few days. He will always aim to triumph despite his disabilities.

My next question is how do I want to triumph in my future. I want to Triumph with my blogging, blogging and pinterest. I want to Triumph at work.I want my son to Triumph in his Studies and to become the greatest Chef he can be. I want to Triumph in every day life. I want my son and I to be successful in whatever we do.

Life is never easy but if you look back at the end of the day at how much you have already achieved then you are already victorious. You have already triumphed. Sometimes we have to make the best of life and our situations and triumph. We should always choose victory, we should always choose to triumph and the be best version of you, you can be.

Everyday ask yourself what did I do to Triumph and succeed today. 

Comment below and let me know if you could do anything and you knew you were never going to fail what would you do and how have you triumphed?. I would love to know.

Boerie Spaghetti Recipe

Tomorrow is Youth Day and one thing us South Africans love to do is Braai. So my mom brought us boerewors to Cook inside as we don’t have a Braai to use outside.

Meal outcome: it was awesome a real youth day Braai meal

Boerie spaghetti


1 boerewors (sausage) cut into pieces 

1 butternut 

Grated cheese

1 tbs  butter


Put the butternut into a pot with boiling water and cook until your able to mash it. In another pot Cook the macaroni. While both are cooking melt butter in a pan and add the boerewors Cook it for about five minutes one each side. And add it into the drained macaroni with the mashed butternut and grated cheese. Then leave to Cook for about five minutes then serve.

Optional: You can buy already made mashed butternut.

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Spaghetti Bolognaise

So the Fruit and Veg was having a special on Mince and Pasta and I so convinced Miss Bossy to buy them for me so that I could make spaghetti bolognaise for dinner and she eventually gave in after much begging and pleading .

Miss bossy then begged me for weeks to make it not knowing what I had planned for it cause I wanted to surprise her but I wanted it to be slightly different from the traditional version and different from what I normally make. I came up with this after playing around with a few ideas, then realised how much we love creamed spinach. I really think it can be added into everything (excluding desserts and a few other things) . We don’t normally eat so much pasta but our local supermarket was also having a special on pasta.

Spaghetti bolognaise

1 packet of spaghetti

450g Ground beef mince




Mushroom sauce

Creamed Spinach

Tomato Juice squeezed from fresh tomatoes


Little bit of curry powder


Cook the spaghetti  for about five minutes. while it’s cooking heat up the pan and brown the mince with the veg and mushrooms, then once the spaghetti is done. add the beef mixture into the spaghetti and add the mushroom sauce and grated cheese. then stir until cheese melts and serve.

The pasta turned out better than expected. It was simply out of this world.The only way to explain it is that it makes you feel like a kid again.

I am lucky I made plenty so that Miss Bossy and I can have some for lunch tomorrow because we love our leftovers.

We hope you enjoy this recipe

Tristan and Miss Bossy

Throwback Foodie

So we decided to do a Throwback Foodie post at least once a week we wanted to do it yesterday but forgot.

Throwback foods, is a way for us to share with you. our most favorite food memories from growing up.

One of our most favorite Throwback Foods is Macaroni and Cheese. We love it and i think mosr people had it while growing up.

My mom and I have lots of awesome memories about our favorite foods and family traditions while growing up.

One of the family Traditions my mom remembers when gemrowing up was going to an Ice Cream place in the CBD of Durban and getting Ice Cream after dinner her father would load all five kids in the car to get Ice Cream at a place called Via Flaminia and she would always get the bubblegum flavored Ice Cream.She loved it until the one day the Ice Cream was really bad and she got sick and never had Bubblegum Flavor again.She has many foodie memories that we will share over the next few weeks.

Her Dad was always taking them out for pudding.

I remember my mom would every now and then do a Harry Potter night with me.I am Harry Potter fan I have all the movies and books. My mom would buy the Harry Potter sweets for me. She would spoil me with Hot chips, popcorn and Harry Potter Sweets. We would sit and watch Harry Potter movies till we fell asleep.

Macaroni and Cheese

Please note this is not our picture


Cheese sauce  (we buy already made cheese sauce cause I am still learning how to make)                  


Mixed Veg



Cook the macaroni in boiling water for about ten minutes. while the macaroni is cooking get the veg and cheese sauce and put it in an oven proof dish, grate the cheese. Once macaroni is cooked add it to the Mixed veg and cheese sauce. Cover it with the grated cheese and cook until golden brown.

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Creamed Spinach and Chips on Bread

Today we went shopping for food at Norwood Mall and to use the free WiFi.We had planned to go to the SASSA offices but we overslept. So I am going tomorrow when Miss Bossy is back at work tomorrow she works six days a week with Wednesday being her off day.

So we decided to go to Norwood Mall instead but before we went we did a bit of blogging planning and specials planning. Miss Bossy likes to go onto Unilever Mobile Deals.

We were able to get a deal where if you buy 3kg Sunlight washing powder you get 400mg free data. We often get great savings from this sight.

I made a simple dinner tonight 

Creamed Spinach and chips on rolls.

Already made creamed spinach 


Hot chips


Cook the Spinach, cook the chips mix them and put them in the roll.

Since we having the Spinach Miss Bossy has not been having leg cramps.She used to wake up in the middle of the night screaming in pain.

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On Wednesday we went to Rosebank to try to do some shopping and Miss Bossy decided to take me to lunch. Our favorite place to go and eat at is Rocomama’s normally when we go there  it is awesome and the food is incredible we always order the same food Miss Bossy gets the mushroom whizz (A hamburger witha beef patty, Cheese and Mushroom sauce and onions) and I always get The Bacon and Cheese Gaucomole (of has a beef patty,cheese, guacamole and onions) and we get a Medium Cheesy Chips ( French Fries with Cheese sauce on) but this time who knows what happened it was a real let down from what I usually get the Hamburger was not medium rare and was very undercooked and some of my chips were raw and the bun at the bottom of the burger was so thin it was soggy.

I for whatever reason decided to eat it and when Miss Bossy asked how my Burger was i told her how bad it had been.

On top of it all our waiter was useless. He ignored us most of the time, dishes sat on our table and glasses and empty cans were left there too.When Miss Bossy and I wanted Water he was too busy flirting with his female colleague and when Miss Bossy wanted to pay it took more than ten minutes to get his attention as he was busy with a regular walk in. He had also not bothered to tell his manager about our complaint about their food.

I thought Miss Bossy was about to start another World War as she hates poor customer service.When she confronted him for standing around and ignoring us his only table. He tried to tell her she was lying and he was not dealing with walk ins. Oh boy big mistake.Let’s just say he ran and got the manager as fast as he could. The manager was amazing and handled everything professionally. He apologized and thanked us for letting him know so that he can fix the food.He also would not let us pay which Miss Bossy tried to argue it. Which is a first because she loves getting things for free. 

In a country where jobs are scarce people need to appreciate their jobs and do them to the best of their abilities sadly companies and restaurants are only as good as their staff. Miss Bossy always says if you don’t want your job then give it to someone who does.

Our plan was to go to Rocomama’s have lunch and do our first review. We will still definitely go back as we know this is not the experience we have had each time we have gone there. We would still definitely recommend people go there.

We are not being paid to do this review in fact they Dont even know we were doing it.

These pics are of the Mushroom whizz and Cheesy Chips

The most amazing and easy Winter Fruit Salad Recipe

Today was a long day. I was supposed to go and serve at my church and make sandwiches while Miss Bossy went to work but I woke up not well. Miss Bossy left me at home and went to work while I cleaned and made the Winter Fruit Salad. We bought the fruit on special last week at the Food Lovers Market and bought the rest of the ingredients today.Miss Bossy nagged me to make it today and so I did.

We were not able to get all the ingredients that were in the recipe and so we changed it a bit.This is our changed Recipe.

So here is how to make The most Amazing and Easy Winter Fruit Salad.

Winter Fruit Salad


1 x Pineapple (chopped) 

1 cup pomegranate seeds

3 x Apples 

1 x Orange

Bananas (chopped) 

1 cup Cream cheese 

1 cup Plain Yoghurt 

1 cup Almond seeds or flake’s 

1 Cup Sesame seed’s 

Half a cup of milk


Put the yoghurt in a large bowl and add the cream cheese milk and mix well then in a separate bowl mix the chopped fruit and add the sesame seed’s and almonds then mix it in.Then combine with the yoghurt mixture once done serve in a bowl with some cut up banana on top.

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