Our Favorite YouTube Cooking Video of the Week-Gordon Ramsay The Ultimate Steak Sandwich

We are big fans of Gordon Ramsay and love to watch him and his daughter Tilly Ramsay on T.V and on YouTube. I saw this video he did some years back of The Ultimate Steak Sandwich and thought I would share it as my favorite YouTube Cooking Video of the week. we hope you enjoy it.


Easy recipe to make – Mince and Egg Wraps

Yesterday I decided I wanted Mince in Wraps with cheese for dinner but Miss Bossy wanted Eggs and so I made Mince and Egg Wraps which was really easy to make and turned out to be really delicious and very filling. I made enough so that Miss Bossy could have some for work. Let’s just say it was so delicious that Miss Bossy has told me she wants it again next week. I agree. If you are looking for a quick and filling recipe to make give it a try.

Mince and Egg Wraps

4 Wraps

1 Tsp Lemon Juice

1 tsp Rajah Spice

500g Mince

6 Eggs

1 pineapple chopped

Brown the mince and add the six eggs and cook until scrambled

then add Rajah Spice, grated cheese and lemon juice. Once cooked put it in the wraps and bake for five minutes so as to make wraps nice and crispy. Add the pineapple

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Gordon Ramsay’s Eggs baked in Hashbrowns.

One of the things my mom and I love to do is to follow chefs on YouTube and one of our favorite chefs to watch is Gordon Ramsay. We watch all his YouTube shows as we think he is an inspiration and very entertaining. He posted the video two days ago which has since gone viral and we thought we would share it with you. 

We will be sharing with you on a more regular basis the videos we love to watch.

Restaurant Wars

Welcome to our first restaurant wars Vlog. We choose to go to a place called Panarotti’s and have our favorite pizzas mine is always Chicken and Mayo and My mom’s is always Regina.

Food Verdict: Both of us agree the pizzas were awesome they were just the right amount of Crispiness and Cheesiness. Also they have great specials everyday. The waffle we had was nice, sweet and Chocolatey. The service was very good from the waiters to the manager.

Check out the vlog below

Week Action – Make a small Resolution

We normally make resolutions at the beginning of the year and never stick to them. My mom and I have given up on doing Resolutions at the beginning of the year but we thought we can make a small exercise resolution.

This week do yourself and your health or body a favor and make a small exercise resolution.

When it comes to Resolutions especially ones to do with exercise we often make the goal too big, like ” Go to Gym everyday”, or “run a marathon”. Then when we have a small slip up we feel like we have failed and we give up so easily.

Even if your goal is not too get fit still make a small resolution to do a little bit of extra movement each day. If you do it now it would be 18 times weekly and 126 times daily until the end of the year.
Here are a few easy and popular ones:.

-Always take the stairs where possible

– Stand up at work

– Always stretch before you go to sleep

– Use your car less and walk more

-At the shops park your car far from the entrance.

– Walk on the spot when ads come on, on T.V

We plan to walk more and at the same time take pictures for our blog.

What Small Resolutions could you do to add some movement to your day, most days?.

Comment below we would love to hear what you are doing as your small movement resolution.

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What’s hot and happening on onemomandherson

We have been working on some new things for everyone. I am going to be making bread, a recipe with meatballs and in the next few weeks my new recipe which will be revealed nearer to the time. We also will be releasing our first restaurant wars post and video.  We have two new music vlogs that will be coming out and many other videos. We are looking at putting together a photography video, some new photography pictures etc. 

We also have a book review coming up of an excellent book, product reviews and so much. 

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