Happy New Year

If you are anything like us and you have had the bad year that we have had then you will be glad that this year is ending.Happy New Year.

We did a cover of Auld Lang Syne Check it out

😍 Food Truck Fridays 😍

Last night we had the privilege to go to our first Food Truck Friday in Johannesburg. I had managed to get two free tickets for Tristan and I and so we decided to brave the cold and rainy weather to give it a try. We had wanted to go so that we could try good food and share our experience with all our followers.To be honest I was not in mood to go because of having a really, really bad day at work. Our company informed us of possible retrenchments however it was the best decision we made. After battling to find the place we finally arrived cold, tired and hungry.

We walked around looking at all the Food Trucks that were there and what they had to offer we decided to go back to the truck that we had seen first called Kitchen Kid and again it was the best decision ever made. We ordered the Pastrami on Rye something that we would never normally order. We normally go for tacos or burgers and Chips but we decided to try something different. Oh boy was it a good decision. To say there food is out of this world does not even begin to describe how good it was. Sadly the pictures we took do not do it Justice. If ever you find yourself at a market in Johannesburg and you see them there give them a try. Not only is there food good, it’s affordable and there customer service is brilliant. They also do events.

We then went with our awesome food and sat down to listen to the most amazing music.

All I can say is my day went from bad to amazing.

Please note we are not being paid for this review and so it is our honest and true experience of an awesome night with good food.



Sadly we left Thanksgiving planning a little bit late this year as it is not something we celebrate in South Africa. Unfortunately we did not cook anything but we did sing a song. Please check out our video below. We are thanful for all our followers and viewers and we hope you had an amazing thanksgiving.