Spaghetti Bolognaise

So the Fruit and Veg was having a special on Mince and Pasta and I so convinced Miss Bossy to buy them for me so that I could make spaghetti bolognaise for dinner and she eventually gave in after much begging and pleading .

Miss bossy then begged me for weeks to make it not knowing what I had planned for it cause I wanted to surprise her but I wanted it to be slightly different from the traditional version and different from what I normally make. I came up with this after playing around with a few ideas, then realised how much we love creamed spinach. I really think it can be added into everything (excluding desserts and a few other things) . We don’t normally eat so much pasta but our local supermarket was also having a special on pasta.

Spaghetti bolognaise

1 packet of spaghetti

450g Ground beef mince




Mushroom sauce

Creamed Spinach

Tomato Juice squeezed from fresh tomatoes


Little bit of curry powder


Cook the spaghetti  for about five minutes. while it’s cooking heat up the pan and brown the mince with the veg and mushrooms, then once the spaghetti is done. add the beef mixture into the spaghetti and add the mushroom sauce and grated cheese. then stir until cheese melts and serve.

The pasta turned out better than expected. It was simply out of this world.The only way to explain it is that it makes you feel like a kid again.

I am lucky I made plenty so that Miss Bossy and I can have some for lunch tomorrow because we love our leftovers.

We hope you enjoy this recipe

Tristan and Miss Bossy


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