On Wednesday we went to Rosebank to try to do some shopping and Miss Bossy decided to take me to lunch. Our favorite place to go and eat at is Rocomama’s normally when we go there  it is awesome and the food is incredible we always order the same food Miss Bossy gets the mushroom whizz (A hamburger witha beef patty, Cheese and Mushroom sauce and onions) and I always get The Bacon and Cheese Gaucomole (of has a beef patty,cheese, guacamole and onions) and we get a Medium Cheesy Chips ( French Fries with Cheese sauce on) but this time who knows what happened it was a real let down from what I usually get the Hamburger was not medium rare and was very undercooked and some of my chips were raw and the bun at the bottom of the burger was so thin it was soggy.

I for whatever reason decided to eat it and when Miss Bossy asked how my Burger was i told her how bad it had been.

On top of it all our waiter was useless. He ignored us most of the time, dishes sat on our table and glasses and empty cans were left there too.When Miss Bossy and I wanted Water he was too busy flirting with his female colleague and when Miss Bossy wanted to pay it took more than ten minutes to get his attention as he was busy with a regular walk in. He had also not bothered to tell his manager about our complaint about their food.

I thought Miss Bossy was about to start another World War as she hates poor customer service.When she confronted him for standing around and ignoring us his only table. He tried to tell her she was lying and he was not dealing with walk ins. Oh boy big mistake.Let’s just say he ran and got the manager as fast as he could. The manager was amazing and handled everything professionally. He apologized and thanked us for letting him know so that he can fix the food.He also would not let us pay which Miss Bossy tried to argue it. Which is a first because she loves getting things for free. 

In a country where jobs are scarce people need to appreciate their jobs and do them to the best of their abilities sadly companies and restaurants are only as good as their staff. Miss Bossy always says if you don’t want your job then give it to someone who does.

Our plan was to go to Rocomama’s have lunch and do our first review. We will still definitely go back as we know this is not the experience we have had each time we have gone there. We would still definitely recommend people go there.

We are not being paid to do this review in fact they Dont even know we were doing it.

These pics are of the Mushroom whizz and Cheesy Chips


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